About Us

Hi, I’m Cesare and I am the founder of ProfitLead. Nice to meet you!

My journey in digital marketing started in 2013.
I’ve worked on both client and agency-side in different countries including Italy, UK and Malta.

In more than 10 years of experience, I can say I’ve seen how the digital landscape has been evolving, how things are typically managed in a digital marketing agency, the pros and cons of in-house digital marketing teams.

I’ve worked for companies of different size, type, markets and budgets, managed millions of advertising spend and contributed to exponential growth for the majority of them.

That’s why, I can say with confidence:

I will help your business increase traffic, revenue and profit as well.

Not just another agency

Digital marketing agencies are everywhere nowadays. However, there’s a desperate need of good ones.

In fact, the majority of them:

  1. offer all the digital services, without being specialised in any
  2. are owned by unexperienced people
  3. are exposed to turnover
  4. can’t keep up with the speedy evolution of digital marketing
  5. offer standardized service and pricing
  6. and so on and so on

ProfitLead is not improvisation; it’s the fruit of years of hard work, testing and a continuous process of study and improvement.


Data. We don’t assume anything. We measure, test and optimize.

People. I surround myself with people I trust, experienced professionals with passion for digital marketing

Quality over quantity. We do only a few things but we do them extremely well.

Transparency. We aim to build long-term relationships based on trust and honesty.

Flexibility. We are not a one fits all company; we tailor our service around the customer’s needs.

Accountability. We take full responsibility of our actions.

Requirements for a collaboration: who you are?

I don’t collaborate with everyone because I value my time and yours.

So, I think it’s helpful to share a few requirements, before we start a conversation or schedule a meeting.

1- Your business is already generating online revenue. I work with companies selling product or services currently demanded by the market.

2- You’re ambitious and your business can be scaled.

3- We share more or less the same values (see above)

4- You’re willing to invest at least 3k€ a month in digital marketing

Let me help your business thrive!

Let’s discuss your service/product, your business goals and what we can do to help you.